Herbalogic - Natural Herb Drops - 2 fl.oz. Fixed Focus

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Herbs for Focus and Attention Support*

More than ever, we live in an noisy world full of people, technology, and projects demanding our constant attention. Sometimes, it's impossible to get even a few quiet, uninterrupted moments to think clearly and do the important things, especially those tasks that require the full power of our attention and the best our brains have to give. Like balancing the checkbook. Studying for school or professional exams. Doing taxes. Making that crucial clinic presentation. Or performing a hundred other intense and critical tasks that require exceptional mental focus and concentration. Now there's a natural herbal formula to turn to at such times, one that is safe, effective, and fast-acting: Fixed Focus from Herbalogic.

The natural herbs for focus and concentration in Fixed Focus:

support sustained mental focus and clarity
  reduce susceptibility to distractions
   will not keep you awake or give you "the jitters"
   combines three safe and effective herbs are a rich source of naturally occurringL-theanine


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