Rejuva Minerals Soft Powder Blush Brush

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Rejuva Minerals Soft Powder Brush

  • Fiber optic bristles consisting of synthetic hair - Suitable for Vegans
  • Soft Bristles for Sensitive Skin
  • Layered bristles, perfect for dusting on blush!
  • Tapered wooden handle, perfect for opening the new Eco Friendly jars!


  • Brush handles come from managed wood reformed station programs

You won't want to be without this brush! This brush works BEAUTIFULLY with Rejuva Minerals loose powder blushes! The unique layering of the bristles allows a "mess free" application!

Care for Brushes:

Be sure to care for your brushes properly. Bacteria from skin can adhere to brushes and can cause breakouts. It is important to clean your brushes regularly.


You can use a mild cleanser. Rinse brush head gently under lukewarm water, with the bristles pointing down. Use your fingers to work the soap into the hair. Rinse gently under running water, thoroughly. Gently reshape the head of the brush and lay flat over the edge of your counter top. Allow to completely dry, and fluff the bristles back into shape. Do not allow any water or cleanser to get inside the ferrule (the metal part of the brush between the hair and handle). This may weaken the glue used to hold in the hair and may cause shedding. Always lay brushes flat to dry. Do not blow dry!


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